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Bosch Service Repairs for Your Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers are among the best rated and quietest dishwashers available today. But despite the high-end technology and superior performance of these appliances, they are still prone to wear and tear over time as you use them throughout the year. In the event that your Bosch dishwasher breaks down, professional Bosch service repairs are available to help bring your appliance back to good working order.

A dishwasher is a great convenience for any household, allowing you to save on time and energy so you can work on other chores or rest easy at the end of the day. With a brand such as Bosch, you’re also given the luxury of a quiet machine with great functionality and efficiency, as well as a sleek design that seamlessly blends in a modern kitchen.

But as with any heavily-used appliance, Bosch dishwashers are also subject to deterioration when not given proper care and maintenance. Proper use includes making sure that no objects are poking down through the bottom rack that can prevent the spray arms from rotating, and keeping sharp items away from the edges to avoid damaging the door seal. Furthermore, be sure to clean the filter regularly so that the dishwasher drains properly, as well as the spray arm to remove any blockages.

If your Bosch dishwasher breaks down despite careful use and regular maintenance, you may need the help of a professional to repair your appliance. However, not any kind of technician will do for Bosch appliance repair; the technician must be factory-trained and authorized to ensure proper diagnosis and repair of your high-end dishwasher.

At Value Appliance, our technicians have the qualifications to provide certified Bosch repair for any kind of problem that you may run into with your Bosch dishwasher. We understand how a malfunctioning dishwasher can disrupt your routine, that’s why we make sure that our services are delivered promptly. For your convenience, we can fix your dishwasher right at your home so you don’t have worry about bringing your appliance to us. To schedule a Bosch service request, click here.

If you prefer to repair your dishwasher on your own, we can still be of assistance. We offer OEM parts for Bosch dishwashers so you can be sure of getting high quality pieces that exactly match the parts that need to be replaced.

For any inquiries about our Bosch appliance service, give us a call at 916-725-4914. We cater to homeowners in Sacramento and Placer Counties.

Professional Viking Appliance Repair Service for Common Issues

Viking appliances are some of the best and most-trusted kitchen appliances in the market today, providing good service and durability that make them a good investment. With years of continuous usage however, wear and tear may start to develop. In case of a breakdown, Value Appliance has professional Viking appliance repair technicians that can get your appliance running smoothly again.

Common Issues with Gas Ranges

Even the best and most durable gas ranges can suffer from consequences of wear and tear due to frequent use or even mishandling. One of the most common issues you may encounter with gas ranges is a faulty ignitor.

Sometimes, the ignitor won’t work at all. At other times, you will hear a continuous clicking sound even without turning on the burner. If you wish to troubleshoot first before calling for a trained Viking repair technician, the most basic and safest thing that you can do is to clean the ignitor—that wire tip sticking out from the burner where you see sparks when the burner is turned on. Gently clean the ignitor with a soft brush or cotton bud. The problem could just be dirt that has accumulated on the ignitor.

If this doesn’t work, we recommend that you call over a certified Viking appliance repair technician to diagnose the problem.

Oven Not Heating Up

If you’re trying to use your range oven but the temperature simply does not go high enough to create the right heat for roasting or baking, we also recommend that you consult with a knowledgeable Viking service and repair technician.

In most cases, when the oven isn’t heating up as expected, there is something wrong with the thermostat. This means that you may need to have it replaced. Since you won’t know this for sure until a trained technician has properly evaluated the problem, we recommend that you contact a professional Viking appliance service and repair technician immediately.

Why do I need a certified Viking repair technician?

A factory-certified technician has undergone proper training to expertly diagnose and recommend the necessary repairs to bring your appliance back in good working order. With insider knowledge about all the parts of the unit, they can install and repair with exact precision, ensuring that your appliance will be running perfectly again in no time.

In other words, an authorized Viking service technician can give you the assurance that he knows what he’s doing when working on your appliance. If you are in need of Viking appliance repair, our factory-trained and certified technicians can provide you with the services you need.

Call us at 916-725-4914 for Viking repair. Our service hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.