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Certified Technicians for Immediate and Reliable Sub-Zero Repair

When your Sub-Zero refrigerator breaks down, it’s imperative that you have it checked immediately by a professional Sub-Zero repair technician. At Value Appliance, all our Sub-Zero technicians are factory-trained and certified, giving our clients the assurance that your unit is in good hands.

Basic Troubleshooting

Understandably, you may want to see first if you can get the unit working on your own. We recommend that you only undertake basic steps in troubleshooting the issue. Basic troubleshooting usually involves checking for general issues such as tears on the unit cord, problems with the outlet or the extension cord, or the temperature gauge which might have been accidentally turned up.

If you suspect the problem may have something to do with the electrical components or the compressor system of the refrigerator, we do not recommend that you do your own Sub-Zero appliance repair as this could lead to further breakdown and void of warranty. For Sub-Zero service, turn to trained technicians as they have the knowledge and skills to determine what could be causing your unit to malfunction.

Underlying problems with the unit such as frost buildup in the evaporator coils, faulty defrosting system, faulty door gaskets, broken circulator fan, or Freon issues can only be determined through the diagnosis of a trained Sub-Zero repair technician.

If you’re experiencing problems with your refrigerator, it is recommended that you first check the Use & Care Guide manual that came with it. The manual contains tips on how to properly care for your unit; often, the unit only needs to be cleaned for it to function normally again.

Before you call for a Sub-Zero appliance service, check if the condenser needs cleaning. See the Cleaning section on the manual to learn how to vacuum the condenser the proper way. It is advised that you follow the cleaning instructions down to the last detail. If the unit still isn’t cooling properly even after the condenser has been cleaned, it’s time to call for professional Sub-Zero service.

Wolf Appliance Repair

Apart from providing Sub-Zero repair, our professional technicians are also trained to evaluate problems with Wolf appliances and perform repairs when necessary.

Factory-trained Wolf repair technicians are also able to determine the root cause of the problem and work on it in a timely manner. This means that your kitchen’s functionality won’t be hampered longer than necessary.

So whether you’re looking for professional Wolf service or Sub-Zero appliance service, our team of factory-certified technicians can work on the problem immediately.

For Wolf appliance service and Sub-Zero repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You may contact us at 916-725-4914 or through the contact form provided in our website.

Sacramento Appliance Repair Services for Your High Performance Kitchen

Your dream of a professional kitchen right in your Sacramento home is now within reach thanks to the wide selection of high-end gas ranges, ovens, ice makers, and other home kitchen appliances from the best brands in the market. More importantly, you also don’t have to worry about where to have your pro-style appliances repaired when they suddenly break down. In Sacramento, appliance repair services for high-end brands are available to help maintain the functionality of your high performing kitchen.

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to enjoy a bit of luxury, or a professional chef who wants a home with the same level of efficiency and performance as in the restaurant, you’re sure to find several options to upgrade your existing kitchen. Top brands that offer state-of-the-art kitchen appliances include Sub-Zero®, Wolf®, Gaggenau®, Dacor®, and Thermidor®, just to name a few. But along with these top-notch appliances, you also need top-notch repair services when a malfunction occurs.

Kitchen appliances are bound to experience wear and tear with constant use. This is why proper maintenance is important, and even more so with high-end brands, given the significant investment you put into them. But in case of a breakdown, you can’t just rely on any technician to fix your pro-style kitchen appliance; what you need is someone with factory training and authorization to be able to provide reliable appliance repair in Sacramento, CA for high-end brands.

At Value Appliance, you can expect high-quality repair services when it comes to high-performance appliances. Our technicians are factory-trained and authorized to diagnose and perform repairs on luxury appliances, so you can rest assured that an expert is working on your malfunctioning high-end kitchen range or oven to bring it back to good working order.

For your convenience, our technicians can come to your home for repairs so you don’t have to bring your appliance to our location. So if you need appliance repair in Sacramento County, just schedule a service request here.

Additionally, we provide OEM appliance parts in Sacramento if you opt to fix your appliance on your own to save on repair costs. Getting OEM parts instead of generic pieces for your broken appliance ensures that you have the exact copy of the part that needs replacement. They also carry warranty protection and will keep the existing warranty of your high-end kitchen appliance in force.

To learn more about our Sacramento appliance repair services, give us a call at 916-725-4914. We also offer appliance repair in Placer County.

Trusted Bosch Service Repairs for Your Home Appliances

For Bosch service and repairs, you shouldn’t be limited by your options when it comes to your appliance’s one year labor warranty. Our factory-certified crew is ready to show up at your doorstep at any time of the day, so you can count on us to deal with your appliance’s electrical and mechanical problems promptly and professionally. We’ll have your appliance running efficiently and with optimum performance in no time, and for the long run.

A short-lived labor warranty can be one of the reasons why people hesitate on making that big appliance purchase for their home. More often than not, these labor warranties only span the length of one year, but because our staff is factory-trained to do repairs on your Bosch appliances whenever necessary, you save yourself from having to shell out more money just to get them working again.

Other reasons people may consider before making a purchase are the financial setbacks of having to fix and replace parts, where to source them and the maintenance and repair costs. Another issue they may be mindful of is the trouble of having to find an authorized factory repair center to bring their unit in for fixing, but with Value Appliance, all these issues can be laid to rest. You can entrust your Bosch repair and maintenance needs to us. All our technicians are factory-trained and equipped with the necessary product exposure and knowledge to work with any kind of problem you may have with your Bosch appliance. Rest assured that with our technical expertise and experience, your unit will be working like new and for the long run..

With Bosch being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances, looking for an authorized Bosch appliance repair center shouldn’t be a problem. To make it easier for our clients, we went a step further and made it possible for you to schedule a service online at your earliest convenience. After making an appointment, you can expect our competent staff to give your appliance the time and careful attention it needs to get it to work again. Our experience of nearly twenty years in the repair industry has given us the technical expertise and recognition for giving excellent customer service working with a number of quality brands, including Bosch appliance service, repairs and maintenance.

Just browse our website to learn more about our Bosch service repairs and leave us a message listing your concerns. Our crew will be more than happy to respond and help you make your appliance working like new again. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Genuine Spare Parts for Your Viking Appliance Repair Needs

When it comes to your Viking appliance repair needs, count on Value Appliance to use only genuine replacement parts to bring your unit back to life. With nearly two decades of extensive work in the appliance repair business, we understand the mechanical and financial repercussions of using non-genuine parts with questionable quality to fix your unit. You can be assured that when you call us to get Viking appliance service, our highly trained staff will only work with original parts to ensure quality and reliability.

Viking appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators are some of the most common household items that break down from continuous use, which is why there is a surplus of generic parts sold for them in the market. While using such surplus parts instead of genuine ones may save you money, these spares are more often than not inferior copies that are likely to break down along the way. They are temporary solutions that might not fix your appliance problems for the long run. Using such parts in place of authentic parts may also damage your unit and affect its performance, which will eventually cost you more.

On top of that, the cost of opting for these non-genuine spares may add up and turn out to be more expensive than getting original parts when you have to keep replacing them. If the condition of your appliance worsens, you will also have to shell out more money to replace the whole thing.

Don’t take a chance on these unauthenticated parts made by independent companies that will only compromise the quality and performance of your appliance. Genuine parts sold by the manufacturer are specifically made for your unit and are designed to answer to such cases of unit malfunction. As your trusted factory service source in Sacramento, rest assured that we only use genuine parts for your Viking repair needs. Our factory-authorized technicians can tackle any problem that other repair companies may shy away from.

Feel free to browse our website to learn how to set a Viking appliance repair appointment today. As our valued client, you can schedule a service call online or call us at 916-725 4914 and talk with one of our helpful staff.. If parts are what you’re after, you can call us toll free at (800) 371-3258 and place your parts order.. Our crew will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and answer your inquires ..

Authorized Factory Service Sub Zero Repair Right at Your Doorstep

When it comes to Sub Zero repair, your appliance deserves only the full care and attention of factory trained specialists such as those from us here at Value Appliance. As duly authorized by Sub Zero & Wolf to repair and service your broken unit, we can take on any problem your refrigerators and freezers may have encountered along the way that other companies may shy away from.

To ensure your appliance’s excellent working condition for the long haul, a thorough Sub Zero repair and maintenance service performed by Value Appliance Inc. can help prevent potential mechanical and electrical breakdowns once it’s been fixed andserviced. A common scenario that appliance owners face after initial repairs on their unit is when substandard work turns out to be only temporary band-aid solutions that don’t fix the problem properly. Not with us. Our factory trained servicemen and meticulous procedures can guarantee you’ll ever have to encounter a situation like that.

Being factory trained, this gives the Value Appliance staff the much needed knowledge and experience with hands-on training on handling and servicing Sub Zero & Wolf products as soon as they are released in the market. This gives them the necessary technical advantage and know-how that allows them to deal with issues that inexperienced repairmen might be clueless about. You don’t want to entrust your expensive appliance to a non factory servicer who might cause a bigger problem than the one you’re trying to find a solution for. If you’re thinking of saving on repair costs and decide to tinker with your appliance on your own, you may be doing more damage. It’s best to leave it in the hands of recognized Sub Zero & Wolf repair technicians.

Since our home appliances improve the quality of our day to day way of living, it’s critical then that servicemen are equipped with the extensive product knowledge that allow them to perform Sub Zero appliance repair properly. On top of competence, it’s also expected that servicemen be customer-oriented in their work. Our highly skilled and courteous crew has been conducting Sub Zero service for numerous satisfied customers for nearly two decades now. We take great pride in being a reliable repair company that puts an emphasis on the value of your appliance, whether it’s for your business or your home.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our Sub Zero & Wolf appliance repair services and how to schedule a service call today.